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Japanese Spring & NYC

Taking a stroll on the Lake

Taking a stroll on the Lake

We had a nice little break from work, school and life in NH.  We decided to spend the vacation in the Hamptons with the family.  It still isn’t over yet, but I thought I would share some of the pictures from the past week or so.  Highlights include the icy lake, birff-day parties, and NYC.

It was nice to see everyone, who we saw; those of you who we didn’t see you need to stop living in far off places: who lives in North Carolina?  That is almost as weird as living in Japan.

Oh speaking of Japan, NYC has a pretty good set-up when it comes to anything Japanese.  We were able to find a bookstore, many restaurants, and even a little authentic grocery store, complete with Asahi Super Dry.  We need to find some good places like this in Boston; if anyone out there is from Boston, hollar back and let us know where to go.

Coming up we have the Baby-shower for Kai’s soon to be Best-friend, and then Abol Hassan Fotouhi’s 98th birthday.  Spring has come, but I know how fast spring likes to turn into summer.  We will be back again, for the next vacation for sure.

Spring Slideshow (40)

Also I forgot to put these pictures up before, but they are basically all the photos from Summer ’08 till Christmas. Have a look.


Kai Uses Chopsticks

This is pretty insane. Kai is only 2 years old, but he is already using chopsticks. If you don’t believe me just peep the vid. He is even eating tofu with them, which is probably one of the hardest foods to eat with chopsticks!