Kintai Hashi

Kintai Hashi

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Flashbacks about the homeland. Just something I found on the web, this is a bridge in yamaguchi, which translates as the mouth of the mountains.

Ode to Quaker

Dear Quaker Lake,

I haven’t swam in your waters since the early days of yore, when the air was soft and sweet like tarted taffy from tuckers store. I long to see your shimmering body and gaze you over after forgetting what it was I wanted to do.

At night you patiently wait for us to rise, and with the sun we circle you, desperately trying to consume all that is there. Above and below the silky cover we lay our teeming minds to rest, and seemingly uncover a lost emotion, that escapes as soon as the roads widen and trees clear.

O’ Quaker, remind me once again how the old is undone, and the worst of worry dissolved within your belly. Take me out and never bring me back on a walk through your shaded arms. Spoil me with a season of friends, sure to keep me full throughout the year.

Gone again


It has been almost 7 months of silence on the Kaimm blog, but don’t count us down and gone just yet.  There are new things we have hiding up our sleeves: here are some pictures while you wait.


Maple Farm

Kai Skips

We went to a maple farm over break, but I am not sure it could be called a farm at all.  The whole place consisted of a couple of goats, the sugar shack, and this spinning toy that the kids loved.

Now I know why these things at parks anymore.  Kids could get their limbs taken off if their not careful; Kai loved it, needless to say.  Good times and Ryan also agreed he enjoyed the carny-folk lifestlye we were able to experience for an afternoon.

You can tell from the picture below how slanted this thing was; the toys weren’t exactly kept in tip-top condition.

Japanese Spring & NYC

Taking a stroll on the Lake

Taking a stroll on the Lake

We had a nice little break from work, school and life in NH.  We decided to spend the vacation in the Hamptons with the family.  It still isn’t over yet, but I thought I would share some of the pictures from the past week or so.  Highlights include the icy lake, birff-day parties, and NYC.

It was nice to see everyone, who we saw; those of you who we didn’t see you need to stop living in far off places: who lives in North Carolina?  That is almost as weird as living in Japan.

Oh speaking of Japan, NYC has a pretty good set-up when it comes to anything Japanese.  We were able to find a bookstore, many restaurants, and even a little authentic grocery store, complete with Asahi Super Dry.  We need to find some good places like this in Boston; if anyone out there is from Boston, hollar back and let us know where to go.

Coming up we have the Baby-shower for Kai’s soon to be Best-friend, and then Abol Hassan Fotouhi’s 98th birthday.  Spring has come, but I know how fast spring likes to turn into summer.  We will be back again, for the next vacation for sure.

Spring Slideshow (40)

Also I forgot to put these pictures up before, but they are basically all the photos from Summer ’08 till Christmas. Have a look.

Kai Uses Chopsticks

This is pretty insane. Kai is only 2 years old, but he is already using chopsticks. If you don’t believe me just peep the vid. He is even eating tofu with them, which is probably one of the hardest foods to eat with chopsticks!


Kai the Scorpio

Zodiac Sign, Scorpio

Wow, so I was just reminiscing about the past, reading the 1st blog I had created for Kai and saw this post about his possible Zodiac signs.  This was written before he was born and I was trying to determine what kind of personality he would have.

The description I wrote about scorpios is almost uncanny:

The eighth sign of the Zodiac and associated with intensity and power. Individuals born under this sign are thought to have a complex, emotional, analytical, focused, determined, hypnotic, and self-contained character.

Many people at this school have said to me, “I don’t think I have ever seen Kai walk before.”  Well I guess the writing was on the wall.


It is that time of the year again.  You know, the one where you stick your kid’s head on the body of a digital elf and send it out for all your friends to have a good laugh over.

Yeah so I did this little disco dance class with Kai and our friends who live below us, the McNeils.  The kids really picked it up quick and well, I will just let you see for yourself.

Staring Kai-Zilla, Manny-Totoro-McNeil, and Finnegan-Blue Eyes.

Like I Said

Kais Favorite

Kai's Favorite

Here are the pictures that I promised, a little before schedule even. There are a lot of pics in here, taken from Nov. 18th till recently. Yes that date does sound familiar: It was Kai’s birthday.

Besides the B-day photos, there are pictures from Thanksgiving Vacation back in the Hamptons and also a trip we recently took to Boston.

Enjoy the show!

Some Pictures

I have a lot of pictures to get up and on the flickr site, but for now these will have to suffice. Kai has been doing this new thing where all he wants to do is “Talk Talk Talk.” His favorite thing to talk about, in case you didn’t already know, is Obama: Obama Car, Obama Juice, and even Obama’s Mama.

He does this ridiculously cute thing where if you ask him what his favorite (insert noun, e.g. movie) is, he will respond with “Obama movie.” It is sort of indistinguishable in his speech, because he slurs it a little, but that is exactly what he is trying to say.  I do not know how he even picked it up.  Maybe it was all the hoopla over the election.  Kai is always thinking.

When you ask him who his favorite politician is, he will respond with Obama’s Chin-Chin, because he can’t pronounce “politician” correctly; this actually means something pretty funny in Japanese. I will leave it to you all to translate it.

Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes