Monthly Archives: April 2008

Back Again

Well it has been a good couple weeks since I gave you all an update. I guess I should start off with the new school.

I just started working at a new school, as of Monday, and it has been going well. The teachers are nice and I get to do most of my teaching in the new computer room, with a projector, internet, video, whatever I can mange to use (here right now). It is pretty sweet, plus all the students have their own computers to use as well, and I guess I can monitor them and do some high tech stuff, but we haven’t learned about all that yet.

I have only done my self-intro so far, but was able to show them pictures off flickr and videos off youtube, as well as make an online quiz about myself to make sure they were listening. The new school is a technical high school, so the kids here are studying to become mechanics, engineers, electricians, etc.. This is great because I might be able to check out some of the computer classes, or auto classes and learn so really useful stuff; but on the other hand the students aren’t to pumped about learning English-this makes for some noisy classes sometimes.

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