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Japanese Spring & NYC

Taking a stroll on the Lake

Taking a stroll on the Lake

We had a nice little break from work, school and life in NH.  We decided to spend the vacation in the Hamptons with the family.  It still isn’t over yet, but I thought I would share some of the pictures from the past week or so.  Highlights include the icy lake, birff-day parties, and NYC.

It was nice to see everyone, who we saw; those of you who we didn’t see you need to stop living in far off places: who lives in North Carolina?  That is almost as weird as living in Japan.

Oh speaking of Japan, NYC has a pretty good set-up when it comes to anything Japanese.  We were able to find a bookstore, many restaurants, and even a little authentic grocery store, complete with Asahi Super Dry.  We need to find some good places like this in Boston; if anyone out there is from Boston, hollar back and let us know where to go.

Coming up we have the Baby-shower for Kai’s soon to be Best-friend, and then Abol Hassan Fotouhi’s 98th birthday.  Spring has come, but I know how fast spring likes to turn into summer.  We will be back again, for the next vacation for sure.

Spring Slideshow (40)

Also I forgot to put these pictures up before, but they are basically all the photos from Summer ’08 till Christmas. Have a look.

Like I Said

Kais Favorite

Kai's Favorite

Here are the pictures that I promised, a little before schedule even. There are a lot of pics in here, taken from Nov. 18th till recently. Yes that date does sound familiar: It was Kai’s birthday.

Besides the B-day photos, there are pictures from Thanksgiving Vacation back in the Hamptons and also a trip we recently took to Boston.

Enjoy the show!

Nagoya Sumo Tournament

At the End of the Tourny
This was quite the experience.  The day started off with some of the lesser known dudes fighting, then ended with a fight for the top spot of all the wrestlers, which doesn’t happen to often.

I forgot to explain the rules: Basically the first guy to step out of the ring, or touch the ground with any other part of his body than his feet loses.  Oh yeah, and no biting.

Sumo Slideshow (17 pics)

This is the opening ceremony where all the Sumo wrestlers are called by name into the ring (hand-made from clay new, for every tourney) in their formal gowns which have their sponsors written on the front.

3 videos of fights after the break.

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Shink Ride


Tokyo Slideshow (56 pics)

Come take a ride with me, on the shinkansen (aka the bullet train).  This is what it is like to be moving at 200mph on the ground.  For a more smooth ride let the video load up first, and/or play it twice.

Two more videos after the break.

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Better Late than Never

Nagoya Castle
Okay here are the pictures that I promised a couple weeks ago. I hope you are sitting down cause there is a lot of them. The first part is from Nagoya Castle, during the cherry blossom season. We went with Aya’s friend who has a cute little son named Yuka.

The second bit is from a festival we went to in Aya’s old hometown, where she was born: Inuyama aka Dog Mountain. And the last part is of the cherry blossoms and parks that are around our house.

Slideshow (65 pics)

Hawaii Pics II

Here is the second set of Hawaii pictures, taken from the last week or so.

Enjoy the slide show (45 pics).

Good First Week

Play Date

Well we had a good time at all the parties, Brian’s, Nick’s and the trips on the boat. It was a great weekend, and thank you Nina for documenting the festivities. Have a look-see if you weren’t around for the week, or if you would like to relive it once more here’s the link.

==> Slideshow