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Easter Egg Hunt

This is a video from Easter Sunday, where the Kai-man was looking for some cheerio filled Easter-eggs.

Shower w/ Kai

Here is one of Kai’s favorite activities: chilling in the poolside shower all day.

Hawaii Pics II

Here is the second set of Hawaii pictures, taken from the last week or so.

Enjoy the slide show (45 pics).

Konichiwa From HI

Kai doing his thing at dinner and everyone saying “hello” in Japanese.

Life in Hawaii

Well just a quick update from HI for you all.

Life is good, the sun is hot, and the beaches are still beautiful. We got here on Friday morning and we meet by Uncle Al, Mom, and Dad. It had been the first time we had all seen each other since the summer so we did some good hugs to make up for lost time. After that we tried to nap a little because the plane ride kinda left us with no rest.

The next day was a little more active. We went out to the beach, went in the ocean and went out to dinner later that night to a local Italian restaurant “Bona Serra.” Kai still had some troubles adjusting to the sleep times, but Nanny 911 was called in today to make things right with a nice 50 min cry session to tire the little guy out.

Kai has seemed to have found his favorite toy at the house: the poolside shower. We actually have to fight a little to get him out of it after about 30 mins of play time. It’s great for him though because he is so happy playing in the water. Even in the ocean Kai didn’t want to get out when his lips were purple and he was shivering from head to toe. I guess he really lives up to his name: the small sea.

Aya, Al, and I went snorkeling today at “Tracks Beach” (Maria I do this for you, show some love) where we had a little bit of trouble getting into the ocean. I made a bone head decesion to stand on a rock while getting in and a huge wave appeared outta no where to smash into me and Aya. Everyone was okay, but I kinda banged up my ankle a little: nothing that a little sea water couldn’t fix though. After getting in and the inital scariness had worn off (for Aya), we ended up seeing some nice little reef and Aya really had a good time. Yokata (thank goodness)!

Tomorrow we meet Aya’s best friend coming in from Japan, and do a little shopping in Waikiki. I will have to watch the spending because we all know how girls can get when spending foreign currencies; I will just have to remind them that 100 yen ($1) does not equal 100 dollars. I have put up some pictures and promise a video or two later of us hanging out doing something interesting, what that is I am not sure. But how about we sing happy birthday to Aya. It is not everyday you get to celebrate your B-day in Hawaii. I think I might have been a little off key in this version; I may or may not need voice training.

Slideshow (19 pics)

Hawaii 5-0

Okay it is time for us to get up otta here, and board that flight to Honolulu.  We are doing the last minute packing, and getting everything ready for departure.  We have been looking forward to this vacation for sometime now, and it will be great to kick back and have the rents watch Kai-zilla.

I should be able to give some updates while I am embedded in the beach.  I know how much you guys love the pictures/videos so I will try to post some while we are out there.

One funny thing about our trip has to do with the time changes.  See if you can wrap your brain around this one.  We depart from Nagoya @ 8:15pm on Friday and arrive in Hawaii @ 7:15am on Friday.  The reason is because of the international date-line; I’ve always loved time travel.