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He’s A Character

Kai surely likes to express himself, and I finally got a good video of him doing it. Here you can see how he is starting to talk (English or Japanese?), and make more gestures that he has learned. It looks like he is giving his birthday speech about what he liked and what he thought could be improved. Kai’s comments were duly noted.

As you can see he is testing out his new birthday present: The Snoopy Sports Stadium. We had to withhold the plastic bat and golf club from the set, due to fears of smashing windows, but maybe next year he can swing them around when he understands a little better. In the background you can see the beautiful hand-stitched, happy birthday banner that Aya made for Kai. Then Kai climbs a little to high and the video is cut short…oops.

The next day I made a cardboard platform for the rest of the play center because it seemed a little dangerous incomplete without it.

Don’t be afraid to takes these videos Fullscreen; they actually come out good. Just hit “Menu” [bottom right] and then “Full Screen” [top right].

In the Works

The Chaplin Factory

There are lots of videos being churned out from the Kai Factory lately, but not really enough time to get them all smoothed out and pretty for the masses.

You might have noticed videos here and there, hiding in the corners of this blog: like the side bar to the right, and new menu option on the video player. I didn’t really explain where everything was because (1) I didn’t have time and (2) I thought I would be fun for you guys to poke around the site on your own. Ya know, get a little adventurous and click on stuff.

Anyway, I should be throwing up some more random, but funny videos we have recorded in the recent weeks. Now I have to run off to study Japanese at the YWCA school. Yeah I know, seems kinda weird that there is a YWCA in Nagoya, Japan, but it’s true. That is the name of the school I am taking classes at now.

I wonder if they actually are affiliated with the YWCA’s of America? Anyone know how to say that in Japanese?

Kai’s B-Day Bash

The Cake

Well, I’ve finally found a couple of hours to sit down and explain to you all how the Birthday went. Kai had a wonderful time, and I’m pretty sure everyone else enjoyed themselves as well.

We had the party at a local restaurant called “Sato,” (ever been there) and when we first arrived we meet another little boy who was celebrating his first Birthday. Oddly enough, Kai and this baby shared the same birthday, November 18th. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Kai

Favorite of the Set

Just wanted to let you all know, today is Kai’s first birthday! We had a nice party with the friends and family, and Kai accumulated a big stack of presents. I can’t write to much now; we have been busy making sure Kai enjoyed his special day, but I will give you all a full report when I have some time soon.

Goodnight Moon

Here is Kai reading one of his favorite books: Goodnight Moon. The new word of the week is “Baa” and I think this came from the Japanese version of Peek-a-Boo that Aya and her family would play with Kai.

In case you wanted to know how it goes, it’s “Inai inai Ba!”

Oktoberfest (w/o Beers)

Favorite of the Set

Lots of pictures thrown up from Ocotber, 54 to be exact.

Let’s see, what can you expect here?

  1. How about some good old fashion baby Halloween Parties
  2. Crazy daddy faces
  3. Big bouncy bananas ballroom
  4. Kai doing the strut
  5. Hulk Hogan Impersonations

I will let you all decide which is which (don’t want to ruin the slideshow), but when you see them, I’m sure you will know what I mean. Kai’s Halloween outfit was a NY Yankees getup, but don’t think that makes him a Yankee fan or anything. It was only because it was a gift we had received and it seemed like a good time for him to use it. I think I would have to say though, he might be rooting for that homeland pitcher we all love.

That’s all she wrote. Superstar!!


Kanji For Life


How do you say Life in Japanese? It is easy, sei katsu | セイカツ | 生活 =


Okay so here is the deal. This is the kanji for life: 生. It’s a very pretty character and something that obviously reappears a lot in the Japanese language. I am really committed to learning this language, but it takes a lot of effort and even a couple good wake up calls. I got to thinking, what is the best way to get a hold of this Japanese Monster, in a manner that is convenient and efficient (especially for busy Dads). I came up with the not so novel idea of starting a new blog. This site will basically serve as my own personal dictionary, which I can cater just to my liking.

I’ve learned that the best way to study sometimes, is to just teach it for yourself (I am practically the smartest person I know with respect to the customs of Americans’ eating habits, shoe permitted buildings, baseball teams, and idiosyncrasies of the spoken dialect. This is probably due to the fact that I live in Japan and no one here is American, but I digress.) So in any case, it is easy to see that Japanese is going to be with me For Life.

Now on to today’s lesson. Continue reading