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This Past Week

With Mom

The past week has been pretty busy for us. Kai has been trying to walk, any chance he gets, and me and Aya have been trying to keep up with him. After he started crawling, it took him about a week to realize he could pull himself up on things: doors, chairs, couches, legs, etc.. We are continually amazed at how strong Kai is; he never flinches when he is walking around and if he happens to bump into something there are few tears shed.

Kai was also out a couple of weeks ago with Mommy at a local Mom’s meeting. There he met some new friends, and had a chance to play with other babies his age. Kai got along great with the other kids, and Aya told me he was really inquisitive when he was with them (kid is going to be a genius, I’m telling you!). I guess he tried to eat one kid’s hair and pull another baby’s diaper off, the tell-tell signs of brilliance.

We also have been breaking in Kai’s new highchair and he seems to enjoy it so far. It’s hard for him to argue with us if we are feeding him, food is one of the many things Kai enjoys throughly.

That about wraps it up. We officially have 3 weeks until we arrive back in the U.S. and Aya and I have been starting the preliminary steps to board the plane: baby ticket (check), passports (check), ear plugs (needed), and the list goes on. I posted a lot of new pictures of the Kai-man from June. Head on over the the Flickr website to check them out.

June Kai:

One Year

Our Wedding

It’s hard to believe, but today is already me and Aya’s one year wedding anniversary. Time has sure gone by quick, and there has been a lot going on, “but there always is, a lot going on,” (<== I couldn’t resist the reference). Kai has been the best baby parents could ask for, and he always knows how to diffuse a stressful moment with a great big smile. Aya and I are so thankful for all of you, friends and family spread out across the globe, who have been there for us along the way. Whether it was a present, words of advice or a helping hand, we surly would not have been able to do it with out your help. A big Arigato from Japan!

Aya’s mom is going to watch Kai for the day so we can get out for a movie and a nice meal. I don’t have much time to write today, but I should be getting back to the blog soon. I have some cute new pictures of Kai from the past week so you can check back for those later.

Kai Crawling Montage

Watch Kâi as he begins to learn how to crawl.

This video shows the big guy from almost a month ago, till today, and how he has developed the skills to get around on his own. Now there is no stopping him, the sky is the limit with this kid Recently he has been pulling himself up on things, and trying to stand all by himself!

Why crawl when you can walk right? Smart kid.

Language Lessons

While I prepare the video of Kai crawling, I will tell you what I have been up to for the past 6 months: studying. That is right, all I do when I am at school, is study Kanji and Japanese grammar, which is a pain in the butt. Try talking backwards for a day, and you will feel me. As I have said before, Japanese is a very difficult language to learn, that is to say if you take the stand-point that you can learn by listening to everyone around you. This is good in theory, but never leads to fluency. The fact that the entire alphabet of sounds is completely foreign does not facilitate the understanding of everyday conversations. Continue reading