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Running Miles[tones]

Dress Up

I was looking at the Johnson & Johnson milestones chart the other day and noticed something kinda of crazy. Kai-chan still seems to be way above the pack with respect to physical development. Although speaking has been rather slow, we definitely know Kai is smart due to the sheer speed of his milestones.

Let’s take for example walking/crawling. This was the first indicator to us that Kai was rocking through the baby steps. He was about 3 months ahead of the curve when it came to walking; now we are lucky if we can catch him when he runs off in the mall. Another milestone that really stood out was reading by himself: Kai started this at about 12 months, the chart says 18 months is the average. That is almost a half a year difference there!

When it comes to eating, Kai has never shied away. The milestone chart says most babies master eating with their hands at 14 months, but I can remember Kai chowing down the cheerios by himself when we were home this summer (he was 8 months old).

But the reason why I even decided to write this post was because I saw that an ADVANCED skill for a 17 month old baby is dancing. Kai notched that on his belt last month when he was only a year old! Clearly he has been developing extremely fast, I just can’t wait for him to start calling us “Mommy” and “Daddy.” Then I will be able to say how cute it is when he climbs onto the table, throws everything off it, but remembers to say “Saaa-wee Daddy,” at the end.

I’ll leave you with a fun video I had of me and the Kai-man jamming out. Also be sure to check out the resent pictures from the past month or so. >> Slideshow

That Was Quick

Is it just me, or when you get older, does time seem to speed up? I was thinking about this other day while sitting at my desk enjoying some green tea, when it occurred to me: when we were young, time wasn’t seen as an obstacle, it wasn’t even thought about that much, and if it was, it probably was only for a couple of minutes.

So where did all that time go, when we were young, and life was carefree? It seemed to pass us by, and accelerate with every coming new year. I could swear that there were only about 300 days in 2007, but even if I could recall every day, what would that do to benefit me anyway?

I suppose the problem is that we worry about time to much. Thinking about when will ‘this’ come, and when will ‘that’ be over. “Ah if only I was on vacation, I would be so much more happy.” But once the vacation comes and goes, it’s back to wishing for something else. If we continue to desire things away from the “here and now” it is easy to lose track of the days and speed up the clock!

Consequently, when we wish for the rains to stop, because it’s the sun that shall make us feel better, we can never see the tiny flower which blooms only on this day.

A helpful way to slow the clocks down. (Some of the best advice I have heard, on how to look at the world anew, has come from the late Alan Watts. Check out what he has to say, and I hope it is as insightful for you, as it was for me.)

Podcast here

The Chaplin Factory

Back to work

Well all good things must come to an end, and so my vacation has seen it’s time. It was fun while it lasted and we had a lot time to relax and catch up on new activities around the house. Some of the most notable events that took place were Kai’s development and learning.

Now he is big on copying everything that he sees; these most recent actions have luckily been caught on video for all of you to peep. The top three that I have managed to record, as determined by the cuteness scale are:

No. 3.  Cleaning the house (*note the new haircut)
Kai Cleaning

No. 2.  A Serious Business Call
Cell Call

No. 1.  Dancing On a Sat. Night
Kai Dances

In other news, Kai’s new favorite word is, “Uhhht-Ohhh,” thanks to the skilled teachings of Fitzaka Sensei. He seems to be saying this all the time now, and it is a good word to know considering the destruction Kai is capable of. Also we are going to be playing around with the style of the blog here a little. Don’t be surprised if you show up and don’t even recognize the place. If anything seems improved or out of place, don’t be afraid to holler at me.