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Short Report


Just wanted to catch you all up on a few things:

  • First we booked our tickets to Hawaii: March 14th to the 28th. Can’t wait to see some of you out there.

  • This week was kinda slow, but I have started my Japanese class. As you can tell from my bookmarks, which are always located at the bottom, right-hand side of this page, everything has been Nihongo (Japanese in Japanese) as of late.

  • It’s Friday and that means, Nippon Series: Our own Nagoya Dragons vs. Hokkiado Nippon-Ham Fighters (I couldn’t make that name up if I tried). My favorite Dragons player is FUKUDOME, cause you can yell his name at someone who doesn’t know it and it ends up sounding kinda scary. Try yelling it at someone who cuts you off on the road next time. It can be quite cathartic.

  • Maybe going to check out another festival this weekend in “Dog Mountain.” I don’t know if there will be enough time…..Okay, I’ll do one.

  • Last, but surly not the least: Kai will be celebrating his first birthday Nov. 18th. Mark your calendars and await further instructions.

Brian, I totaly stole your idea, cause it’s so money. Thanks for the help and keep blogin…I mean trucking.



Vodpod Small

Okay, so just a little FYI post for you all. That video window you see on the right there is called vodpod. Not really sure about the name so much, but it does make it extremely easy for me to post videos, past and present right to the main page here. So of course I will update it with all our favorite Kai-vids, but also if I find something interesting I think you all would enjoy (lying out there in the interwebs), I can throw it right up there quick.

I put up three of my most recent videos, which I am sure you have all seen before, but just in case you were wondering how it works, click on a video to see. It is really great because it won’t redirect you to a different page; you will just have a little video pop up that you can close at anytime. Go ahead, check’er out.

My vodpod homepage is and that will basically contain the whole library of movies I have decided to mark as interesting.

In other news, I finally got the okay from work to take off for the Hawaii break this Spring. I think we will be going from March 14th to March 28th. Who’s with us?


The Procession
Just a quick post today, nothing to serious.

I had some great pics from the festival we went to last weekend and just wanted to throw them up for everyone to peep. This festival was located in Tsushima, which means “Island Bay,” and actually was one of the more fun parades I have been too. We had a good time watching all the drunk Japanese men carry the floats and dance around like oompa-loompas. They put on a good show, but remember never to play the carnie games; they are all rigged (even in Japan).

(Make sure you click the little “i” that pops up in the center at first. This will give you the “information” or descriptions that I wrote for all the pictures. Some things needed explaining.) Slideshow HERE

Seems Like Yesterday

I’m so full
Originally uploaded by amontice.

Feeling rather nostalgic today, and wanted to post a little bit about the past 11 months and how that have flown by. This picture was taken about 10 months ago, when Kai was just 4 weeks old. Hard to believe he has turned into such a rockstar, so quick.

Becoming a parent has been the most difficult and rewarding thing I have ever done yet (and probably will ever do). Aya and I know we are still rather young, and there is a lot we need to learn yet, but getting to where we are now, would have been impossible had it not been for everyones loving assistance.

Honestly I think we have bought 3 pieces of clothing for Kai, and yet we have more clothes than we know what to do with. Presents and toys are one thing, but kind words and strong friendships is another thing entirely. These are the real gifts that we have received, so for all that was done we would like to say, “Domo Arigato Gozaimus.” As for the Kai man, he would gladly offer you some of his mashed potatoes if you were here. Continue reading

How to say “Busy” in Japanese

Learn how to say more words in Japanese.

Beautiful Kanji Paintings

Dream to Learn

How do you say Busy in Japanese? Busy in Japanese is this: 忙しい (this being the kanji). This is read “isogashi,” or いそがしい for all you Japanese literate peeps.

Well the past couple of weeks have been way to busy, Aya and I have barely found the time to sit down and watch our Desperate Housewives episodes (gasp).

Kai is now officially a toddler and this is 90% of the reason why things have been so crazy. He is on the move 24/7 and at times I wonder how he did things so fast. As you will be able to see from the video, Kai is off to work to pay the bills (albeit with a briefcase full of poker chips), so you have to give him the Japanese nod…I mean bow. He is turning into a regular Japanese ninja, just like all of my teachers who somehow have the ability to disappear in the blink of an eye. Just ask any person who isn’t Japanese and they will tell you, teachers here sure know how to disappear fast. Just look at the way he vanishes on one side of the room, only to reappear in a different room. Continue reading