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April Aplenty

The new photos have been uploaded (in case you didn’t notice already).  There’s a lot and this time around I tried to take out the redundant ones, so the slide show will be a better experience for you.  Your-welcome.  Now just sit back and enjoy the RIDICULOUSLY cute faces of the resent month.

I Concur

I concur, originally uploaded by amontice.

See I told you he was getting super-duper CUTE!

Moving On

Dad and Kai

Kai has been a great baby for 5 months, and now it is time to take a step towards growing up a little (not already I hear you all screaming). Don’t worry, everything is alright, we are just moving Kai from the futon, that is right next to ours, to the crib.

So far Kai has been sleeping right beside us and sometimes right between us, every night. This is common in Japan, where the baby will sleep with or very close to the parents for a LONNNNNGGG time. I decided to engage the 50% of Kai’s American side and set him up in a crib in the adjacent room. My dream is that he will sleep like a baby. So far that dream isn’t exactly perfect.

Last night I put Kai down in the crib and it went….howyousay…not a gouuda? He was crying for a good 30~40 mins until I think he Continue reading

Milestone: Kai Eats Rice

The Milestones have been updated.  First of all, Wednesday the 18th was his 5 month birthday, so a big shout out to Kai.  Following in the Big Boy theme, he tried his first bowl of rice cereal today and absolutely loved it.  We are hoping he will eat this more often and end up sleeping long at night.  So far, that’s a no go.  We think it is probably because he is used to waking up every three hours at night, but the good news is he doesn’t really need to feed all the time through the night.  The rice cereal really fills him up and that is the most important thing.

You should have seen him eating this stuff; he absolutely loved it.  I tried a little bit and basically it tastes like grits.  I guess if your from the south that sounds appetizing, but to me and Aya it wasn’t that great.  Kai on the other hand couldn’t get enough of it and he ate almost a full baby’s bowl worth.  So from now on we are going to be feeding him the rice ceral right before bed time, in order to ensure better sleeping hours.  Continue reading

Back to School: Endo Style

So today was an eventful day. Woke up early for work, took my shower, ate my blueberry muffin, kissed Aya and Kai goodbye and then headed off to work. On my way out Aya said that it was going to rain today, so I grabbed my umbrella, which turned out to be a very, very, bad decision.

Normally I would just fair the weather without the umbrella, and brave the elements without any worries. I am used to a little rain, and getting a little wet has never really bothered me. I am also a rain coat kind of guy, and until I came to Japan, I always wore one. But here, everyone uses umbrellas so I guess you could say, I wanted to fit in (and saw the obvious advantages to an umbrella vs. a raincoat in a huge downpour). Anyway enough of the tangent. Continue reading

Kai Laughs

This is probably the best video i have to date. Nothing fancy here, just some good old chuckles to get you through the day. Also (FYI) this was the third recorded laughing spell preformed by the big guy. Continue reading


At the Park

Hey just wanted to let you know that Kai’s photos from the end of March/early April have been uploaded. There is a whole set of them over on flickr, so be sure to check out how big he is getting. Or if you like it as a show, do it up. It’ don’t matta. Continue reading