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Summer Conclusion

Up Again

Well it’s just about time for me to get back to school and the summer is winding down here, but the heat just doesn’t want to quit. It has been in the 90s everyday since we have returned and I am beginning to get a little sick of all this sweat that covers me when I go for a walk.

Speaking of walking, I have been busy the past couple of weeks (believe it or not) with the Kai-man learning to walk. Yes you heard me right, that cute little 9 month baby is starting to talk his first steps now. He already runs along the furniture at record land speeds, and stands no problem, but now he is making the next step and heading for the door without using his hands and knees. I knew he was a genius but didn’t think he would try and run a Daniel R 5k Run/Walk this soon. Continue reading


Almost Finished

Kai Quaker Lake Summer 2007 137

UPDATE: We made it back, and everyone is doing well. Still doing some Jet-lag adjusting, but things are good here in Japan. Also I added a new slideshow (mostly just Kai playing out in the back yard), and finally got those pictures of Kai Standing up. Just took another couple shots today of him up and on his feet for real, which seems to be the new cool thing for babies turning 9months old. I think we are going to see babysteps within 2 weeks. I guess we just have to wait and see, but the walking is definitely going to be soon, Kai can not wait any longer.

Well, we are just about ready to get up outta here, but it has been a lot of fun seeing everyone. We only have a few days left, as we will be leaving this Saturday the 11th (come take your goodbye pictures, and kiss Kai one more time before he returns with a girlfriend and a tattoo).

There were a few things we ended up doing while we were here, in order from semi-good, to semi-ridiculous: a trip to Atlantic City (Dad only, no physical evidence of us being there recorded, a.k.a. pictures/messes), eating pulled pork sandwiches, the parties, the swims in the lake, the baptism, and Kai standing all by himself for 20 FULL SECONDS.

For a more detailed view check out the pictures.