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Crawling Update

This is what Kai looks like when he is crawling though the Internet. Watch out, he might get into your hard drive! I swear, the farther back you stand, the more it looks like him.  I could spot that cute-baby-mohawk from a mile away.
Kai in Txt

June 1st Update: Kai is on the move! Last night I witnessed a full fledged crawl: hands and legs were both moving at the same time. He successfully got himself from one side of the room to the other and did it almost entirely without resting on his stomach. It was amazing to watch him figure out the movement finally and all it took was a little incentive (his pacifier). It has been almost a week of trial and error, with the birth of many new positions, including the confidence to sit unattended. Now he can manage to do it all by himself while moving around the house with no real problems, but you should see him when he finishes. He looks like he just got done running a couple of kilometers, which is probably due to that big belly he has to tote around. Continue reading


Special Kai

Thinking bout Crawling

Kai has taken three huge steps recently, as he begins the second half of his first year.

To get things moving on track, he finally cut his first tooth this week. When he gives a big smile, you can see the top of his bottom front teeth popping out. This is great and all, but everyone knows how much it can hurt to have a tooth come up out of your gums: hence the constant crying and irregular sleep schedule. Ma-dukes advice was to keep the teething toys cold in the fridge, that way he can get some pain relief while he chews away at them. Thanks for the tip Mom. Now if there only was a cure for the massive energy level which keeps his body in full swing all day, we might be able to bypass all the broken things in our very near future. Continue reading

Kyoto Milk?

Live Geisha

This weekend was packed full of adventures for the Monticello-fam. On Friday we made our bi-monthly visit to Babies ‘R Us. While we were there we picked up some bedtime books, a few small things, and a crib protector (thing-a-ma-jig). I had to get home early so I could rest up for my trip the next day.

Saturday, I was up at 5:30am and off to Kyoto with a few of my friends here. We took the train from Nagoya Station and arrived in Nara at about 8am. Continue reading

The Summer Awaits

On the way home

The summer dates have been nailed down, bought on paper and carved in stone. Mark your calendars for the arrival of Kai (and Aya and I, definitely second to the man) as we make land fall on July 15th via JFK. Our vacation will be extended this year (can you hear me yelling “Whooooooo” just like an Oakland whistle tip?) and we will be staying a full 4 weeks till August 11th. This give us plenty of time to do….well a whole lot of laying around and lounging with you all back home.

I can’t tell you how happy I am that this flight has been booked, FINALLY! It was hanging over my head for awhile now; and I thought it was never going to get done, but I sat down Monday night and hammered it out. I do hope you all will be around during those dates. Anyone for Saltspings? Also since I will be arriving and departing via JFK I should be able to visit with some peeps who live in that area. It’s times like these when the Beatles song Back in the U.S.S.R. runs through my head on a loop, just anticipating the trip home and not worrying much about anything else.

P.S. Today Kai is a half a year old! Kan you believe it’s here already??

Video Consolidation

I just made a new page on this blog here. You can find the link right above this post, called Videos and it contains all the movies from the past in one neat and tidy place. Go have a look-see and enjoy a lost Kai episode when you have some time. When you’re done, let me know which one is your favorite. I’d love to get more feedback from everyone out there, then I will know what needs to be done to make the next video better.

From here on out all new videos will be placed there as well. No more searching through the old cobwebs to find that video you were looking for.


Among other things…

…Kai has pooed lately. Actually he has been up to a lot of new activities. First and foremost, Kai can now recognize his name. This is huge, I mean let’s say you’re Kai. Suddenly you understand this sound is for you. From now on he will forever know this word to mean “I” and that is quite the accomplishment in that little noggin of his. Of course he won’t remember the transition from no-name to name, and how it changed the way he looks at the world, but it’s a good thing it happened in the Grand Scheme of things. (Sorry to get all philosophical on you there, just feeling rather enlightened today).

In case you were wondering how exactly I learned that Kai could recognize his name, Continue reading

Rock Star*s

I just wanted to give a quick shot out to my favorite Solo-Artist, Erik Mathes. This kid can play the guitar and put his soul out there just as good as my favorite band The Black Keys, which is saying a lot. I wanted to let you all know that I lived with the soon-to-be-famous Erik Shander (which should be your Artist name duder: that or Less than Ladle). A loyal roommate of four years, and an amazing artist among other things. Check out his Songs, and you too will be calling for more. Also his music will be located there on the right in the Blogroll, as the “One Man Band”. (Personal Favorite: Toxic Kiss, but Heron is so money too, hard to decide.)

Miss ya man and thanks for the tunes.

-“A few beers, a few laughs, our “!”&#$% troubles are over.”

Update: I just remembered that not only is there a Rock Star on the horizon, but there is already the well put together, and New Orleans Famous, Groovesect. All band members are good friends, especially the very wise Mr. Nicholas Krawitz: teacher of Hold’em to many, philosopher on the chess board for me, and the piano guru for Groovesect . Check out their songs, these guys know jazz/funk. (Personal Favorite: Bad Blood)