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Japanese Spring & NYC

Taking a stroll on the Lake

Taking a stroll on the Lake

We had a nice little break from work, school and life in NH.  We decided to spend the vacation in the Hamptons with the family.  It still isn’t over yet, but I thought I would share some of the pictures from the past week or so.  Highlights include the icy lake, birff-day parties, and NYC.

It was nice to see everyone, who we saw; those of you who we didn’t see you need to stop living in far off places: who lives in North Carolina?  That is almost as weird as living in Japan.

Oh speaking of Japan, NYC has a pretty good set-up when it comes to anything Japanese.  We were able to find a bookstore, many restaurants, and even a little authentic grocery store, complete with Asahi Super Dry.  We need to find some good places like this in Boston; if anyone out there is from Boston, hollar back and let us know where to go.

Coming up we have the Baby-shower for Kai’s soon to be Best-friend, and then Abol Hassan Fotouhi’s 98th birthday.  Spring has come, but I know how fast spring likes to turn into summer.  We will be back again, for the next vacation for sure.

Spring Slideshow (40)

Also I forgot to put these pictures up before, but they are basically all the photos from Summer ’08 till Christmas. Have a look.