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7 Days Left

Views by Month

Okay here is a little update on numbers, cause I think everyone needs to know these things.

First I have 7 days left of class:  (WOOOHHH WHOOOO!)  2 today this week, and 5 next week.

Next Kai, Aya, and I will all be returning to the United States, on August 18th, FOR GOOD.  That is right, this is our final move back home.  As you can tell from my tweets, we are in the middle of getting Aya’s green card and changing visas, etc.; do you know any one who needs a microwave?

Finally, the biggest number of them all: 10,694.  This is the amount of times, people have viewed this blog.  It is nice to to know that there are people out there reading.  It makes it all that much more fun to write.