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In the Works

The Chaplin Factory

There are lots of videos being churned out from the Kai Factory lately, but not really enough time to get them all smoothed out and pretty for the masses.

You might have noticed videos here and there, hiding in the corners of this blog: like the side bar to the right, and new menu option on the video player. I didn’t really explain where everything was because (1) I didn’t have time and (2) I thought I would be fun for you guys to poke around the site on your own. Ya know, get a little adventurous and click on stuff.

Anyway, I should be throwing up some more random, but funny videos we have recorded in the recent weeks. Now I have to run off to study Japanese at the YWCA school. Yeah I know, seems kinda weird that there is a YWCA in Nagoya, Japan, but it’s true. That is the name of the school I am taking classes at now.

I wonder if they actually are affiliated with the YWCA’s of America? Anyone know how to say that in Japanese?