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Oktoberfest (w/o Beers)

Favorite of the Set

Lots of pictures thrown up from Ocotber, 54 to be exact.

Let’s see, what can you expect here?

  1. How about some good old fashion baby Halloween Parties
  2. Crazy daddy faces
  3. Big bouncy bananas ballroom
  4. Kai doing the strut
  5. Hulk Hogan Impersonations

I will let you all decide which is which (don’t want to ruin the slideshow), but when you see them, I’m sure you will know what I mean. Kai’s Halloween outfit was a NY Yankees getup, but don’t think that makes him a Yankee fan or anything. It was only because it was a gift we had received and it seemed like a good time for him to use it. I think I would have to say though, he might be rooting for that homeland pitcher we all love.

That’s all she wrote. Superstar!!