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Oye! Kai Speaks

Up in the Air

I forgot to mention the little fact that Kai has started speaking, well not entirely, but he has said his first word. Is it Inglés or Japonés? I’ll let you decide.

The big first word is, “bye-bye.” Yes sir, and you might hastily believe that this is only an English word as well. Actually it is pretty common for Japanese people (mostly girls) to say this, instead of the Japanese equivalent, jaa-ne.” I guess this would be the reason why he picked it up so easily.

Being a young Einstein, Kai not only says “bye-bye” but also throws in the wave to show he knows what is up. Take for example the other night when Aya put him down in his crib, he looked at her with his best baby face, waved sionara, and said “byyye.” Clearly he has grasped this as his first word, and I think part of him did it, not to upset both Mom and Dad.

The reasoning probably went something like this:

“If I use only Japanese, dad might not like it; and if I use only English, mommy might stop the breast milk! I’m definitely using a bilingual word here.”

P.S. Changed it up a little for the holiday season.  Really should have done it with the last post, but better late than never.  Merry Christmas,  Happy Hanukkah, Killer Kwanzaa, and all the rest of them holidays!

P.P.S. Can someone mail me eggnog, it keeps right?  Apparently they don’t do eggnog here.