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He’s A Character

Kai surely likes to express himself, and I finally got a good video of him doing it. Here you can see how he is starting to talk (English or Japanese?), and make more gestures that he has learned. It looks like he is giving his birthday speech about what he liked and what he thought could be improved. Kai’s comments were duly noted.

As you can see he is testing out his new birthday present: The Snoopy Sports Stadium. We had to withhold the plastic bat and golf club from the set, due to fears of smashing windows, but maybe next year he can swing them around when he understands a little better. In the background you can see the beautiful hand-stitched, happy birthday banner that Aya made for Kai. Then Kai climbs a little to high and the video is cut short…oops.

The next day I made a cardboard platform for the rest of the play center because it seemed a little dangerous incomplete without it.

Don’t be afraid to takes these videos Fullscreen; they actually come out good. Just hit “Menu” [bottom right] and then “Full Screen” [top right].