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Moving On

Dad and Kai

Kai has been a great baby for 5 months, and now it is time to take a step towards growing up a little (not already I hear you all screaming). Don’t worry, everything is alright, we are just moving Kai from the futon, that is right next to ours, to the crib.

So far Kai has been sleeping right beside us and sometimes right between us, every night. This is common in Japan, where the baby will sleep with or very close to the parents for a LONNNNNGGG time. I decided to engage the 50% of Kai’s American side and set him up in a crib in the adjacent room. My dream is that he will sleep like a baby. So far that dream isn’t exactly perfect.

Last night I put Kai down in the crib and it went….howyousay…not a gouuda? He was crying for a good 30~40 mins until I think he Continue reading