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Gone again


It has been almost 7 months of silence on the Kaimm blog, but don’t count us down and gone just yet.  There are new things we have hiding up our sleeves: here are some pictures while you wait.


Kai the Scorpio

Zodiac Sign, Scorpio

Wow, so I was just reminiscing about the past, reading the 1st blog I had created for Kai and saw this post about his possible Zodiac signs.  This was written before he was born and I was trying to determine what kind of personality he would have.

The description I wrote about scorpios is almost uncanny:

The eighth sign of the Zodiac and associated with intensity and power. Individuals born under this sign are thought to have a complex, emotional, analytical, focused, determined, hypnotic, and self-contained character.

Many people at this school have said to me, “I don’t think I have ever seen Kai walk before.”  Well I guess the writing was on the wall.

7 Days Left

Views by Month

Okay here is a little update on numbers, cause I think everyone needs to know these things.

First I have 7 days left of class:  (WOOOHHH WHOOOO!)  2 today this week, and 5 next week.

Next Kai, Aya, and I will all be returning to the United States, on August 18th, FOR GOOD.  That is right, this is our final move back home.  As you can tell from my tweets, we are in the middle of getting Aya’s green card and changing visas, etc.; do you know any one who needs a microwave?

Finally, the biggest number of them all: 10,694.  This is the amount of times, people have viewed this blog.  It is nice to to know that there are people out there reading.  It makes it all that much more fun to write.

In the Works

The Chaplin Factory

There are lots of videos being churned out from the Kai Factory lately, but not really enough time to get them all smoothed out and pretty for the masses.

You might have noticed videos here and there, hiding in the corners of this blog: like the side bar to the right, and new menu option on the video player. I didn’t really explain where everything was because (1) I didn’t have time and (2) I thought I would be fun for you guys to poke around the site on your own. Ya know, get a little adventurous and click on stuff.

Anyway, I should be throwing up some more random, but funny videos we have recorded in the recent weeks. Now I have to run off to study Japanese at the YWCA school. Yeah I know, seems kinda weird that there is a YWCA in Nagoya, Japan, but it’s true. That is the name of the school I am taking classes at now.

I wonder if they actually are affiliated with the YWCA’s of America? Anyone know how to say that in Japanese?

Happy Birthday Kai

Favorite of the Set

Just wanted to let you all know, today is Kai’s first birthday! We had a nice party with the friends and family, and Kai accumulated a big stack of presents. I can’t write to much now; we have been busy making sure Kai enjoyed his special day, but I will give you all a full report when I have some time soon.

Short Report


Just wanted to catch you all up on a few things:

  • First we booked our tickets to Hawaii: March 14th to the 28th. Can’t wait to see some of you out there.

  • This week was kinda slow, but I have started my Japanese class. As you can tell from my bookmarks, which are always located at the bottom, right-hand side of this page, everything has been Nihongo (Japanese in Japanese) as of late.

  • It’s Friday and that means, Nippon Series: Our own Nagoya Dragons vs. Hokkiado Nippon-Ham Fighters (I couldn’t make that name up if I tried). My favorite Dragons player is FUKUDOME, cause you can yell his name at someone who doesn’t know it and it ends up sounding kinda scary. Try yelling it at someone who cuts you off on the road next time. It can be quite cathartic.

  • Maybe going to check out another festival this weekend in “Dog Mountain.” I don’t know if there will be enough time…..Okay, I’ll do one.

  • Last, but surly not the least: Kai will be celebrating his first birthday Nov. 18th. Mark your calendars and await further instructions.

Brian, I totaly stole your idea, cause it’s so money. Thanks for the help and keep blogin…I mean trucking.

Videos Galore

At Attention

I have a lot more videos of Kai that have been shot in the past few weeks. I am going to be uploading them in the coming days, so stay tuned for all the new action.

The big guy has been doing a lot of interesting things as of late, the standing was only the start of it I guess. The other day he initiated a game of peek-a-boo with me by hiding behind the curtain and popping out again, and again. I was completely stunned that he could do it, and he knew exactly what he was doing too. I was lucky enough to catch it on video, so I will throw that up soon. In the meantime, check out this funny video I would like to call “Boing!”  (^^Posted Above^^)