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Running Miles[tones]

Dress Up

I was looking at the Johnson & Johnson milestones chart the other day and noticed something kinda of crazy. Kai-chan still seems to be way above the pack with respect to physical development. Although speaking has been rather slow, we definitely know Kai is smart due to the sheer speed of his milestones.

Let’s take for example walking/crawling. This was the first indicator to us that Kai was rocking through the baby steps. He was about 3 months ahead of the curve when it came to walking; now we are lucky if we can catch him when he runs off in the mall. Another milestone that really stood out was reading by himself: Kai started this at about 12 months, the chart says 18 months is the average. That is almost a half a year difference there!

When it comes to eating, Kai has never shied away. The milestone chart says most babies master eating with their hands at 14 months, but I can remember Kai chowing down the cheerios by himself when we were home this summer (he was 8 months old).

But the reason why I even decided to write this post was because I saw that an ADVANCED skill for a 17 month old baby is dancing. Kai notched that on his belt last month when he was only a year old! Clearly he has been developing extremely fast, I just can’t wait for him to start calling us “Mommy” and “Daddy.” Then I will be able to say how cute it is when he climbs onto the table, throws everything off it, but remembers to say “Saaa-wee Daddy,” at the end.

I’ll leave you with a fun video I had of me and the Kai-man jamming out. Also be sure to check out the resent pictures from the past month or so. >> Slideshow

Oye! Kai Speaks

Up in the Air

I forgot to mention the little fact that Kai has started speaking, well not entirely, but he has said his first word. Is it Inglés or Japonés? I’ll let you decide.

The big first word is, “bye-bye.” Yes sir, and you might hastily believe that this is only an English word as well. Actually it is pretty common for Japanese people (mostly girls) to say this, instead of the Japanese equivalent, jaa-ne.” I guess this would be the reason why he picked it up so easily.

Being a young Einstein, Kai not only says “bye-bye” but also throws in the wave to show he knows what is up. Take for example the other night when Aya put him down in his crib, he looked at her with his best baby face, waved sionara, and said “byyye.” Clearly he has grasped this as his first word, and I think part of him did it, not to upset both Mom and Dad.

The reasoning probably went something like this:

“If I use only Japanese, dad might not like it; and if I use only English, mommy might stop the breast milk! I’m definitely using a bilingual word here.”

P.S. Changed it up a little for the holiday season.  Really should have done it with the last post, but better late than never.  Merry Christmas,  Happy Hanukkah, Killer Kwanzaa, and all the rest of them holidays!

P.P.S. Can someone mail me eggnog, it keeps right?  Apparently they don’t do eggnog here.

Fall Is Here

B-Day Bash 5

Well its been a fast couple of months and I am sorry I haven’t hollered sooner, but things have been a little hectic around the house lately. Allow me to explain why.

First and FOREMOST Kai is now a full-on walking (trouble making) baby. He started to take little wobbly steps about 2 weeks ago, and then last week he became more confident moving around like a biped. Now there is no stopping him; he can walk from one side of the apartment to the other, and is getting faster everyday. All this at only a little under 10 months! Insane I know. I have a bunch of video of him learning to walk, so you all will be able to see how fast he progressed to basically a leisurely jog across the room. I now need to edit the video and put some music to it, because this is, without a doubt, the biggest milestone we have seen yet (now…if I could only get Kai to stop running around so I can make this movie). Continue reading

Summer Conclusion

Up Again

Well it’s just about time for me to get back to school and the summer is winding down here, but the heat just doesn’t want to quit. It has been in the 90s everyday since we have returned and I am beginning to get a little sick of all this sweat that covers me when I go for a walk.

Speaking of walking, I have been busy the past couple of weeks (believe it or not) with the Kai-man learning to walk. Yes you heard me right, that cute little 9 month baby is starting to talk his first steps now. He already runs along the furniture at record land speeds, and stands no problem, but now he is making the next step and heading for the door without using his hands and knees. I knew he was a genius but didn’t think he would try and run a Daniel R 5k Run/Walk this soon. Continue reading

Special Kai

Thinking bout Crawling

Kai has taken three huge steps recently, as he begins the second half of his first year.

To get things moving on track, he finally cut his first tooth this week. When he gives a big smile, you can see the top of his bottom front teeth popping out. This is great and all, but everyone knows how much it can hurt to have a tooth come up out of your gums: hence the constant crying and irregular sleep schedule. Ma-dukes advice was to keep the teething toys cold in the fridge, that way he can get some pain relief while he chews away at them. Thanks for the tip Mom. Now if there only was a cure for the massive energy level which keeps his body in full swing all day, we might be able to bypass all the broken things in our very near future. Continue reading

Among other things…

…Kai has pooed lately. Actually he has been up to a lot of new activities. First and foremost, Kai can now recognize his name. This is huge, I mean let’s say you’re Kai. Suddenly you understand this sound is for you. From now on he will forever know this word to mean “I” and that is quite the accomplishment in that little noggin of his. Of course he won’t remember the transition from no-name to name, and how it changed the way he looks at the world, but it’s a good thing it happened in the Grand Scheme of things. (Sorry to get all philosophical on you there, just feeling rather enlightened today).

In case you were wondering how exactly I learned that Kai could recognize his name, Continue reading

Milestone: Kai Eats Rice

The Milestones have been updated.  First of all, Wednesday the 18th was his 5 month birthday, so a big shout out to Kai.  Following in the Big Boy theme, he tried his first bowl of rice cereal today and absolutely loved it.  We are hoping he will eat this more often and end up sleeping long at night.  So far, that’s a no go.  We think it is probably because he is used to waking up every three hours at night, but the good news is he doesn’t really need to feed all the time through the night.  The rice cereal really fills him up and that is the most important thing.

You should have seen him eating this stuff; he absolutely loved it.  I tried a little bit and basically it tastes like grits.  I guess if your from the south that sounds appetizing, but to me and Aya it wasn’t that great.  Kai on the other hand couldn’t get enough of it and he ate almost a full baby’s bowl worth.  So from now on we are going to be feeding him the rice ceral right before bed time, in order to ensure better sleeping hours.  Continue reading