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That Was Quick

Is it just me, or when you get older, does time seem to speed up? I was thinking about this other day while sitting at my desk enjoying some green tea, when it occurred to me: when we were young, time wasn’t seen as an obstacle, it wasn’t even thought about that much, and if it was, it probably was only for a couple of minutes.

So where did all that time go, when we were young, and life was carefree? It seemed to pass us by, and accelerate with every coming new year. I could swear that there were only about 300 days in 2007, but even if I could recall every day, what would that do to benefit me anyway?

I suppose the problem is that we worry about time to much. Thinking about when will ‘this’ come, and when will ‘that’ be over. “Ah if only I was on vacation, I would be so much more happy.” But once the vacation comes and goes, it’s back to wishing for something else. If we continue to desire things away from the “here and now” it is easy to lose track of the days and speed up the clock!

Consequently, when we wish for the rains to stop, because it’s the sun that shall make us feel better, we can never see the tiny flower which blooms only on this day.

A helpful way to slow the clocks down. (Some of the best advice I have heard, on how to look at the world anew, has come from the late Alan Watts. Check out what he has to say, and I hope it is as insightful for you, as it was for me.)

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Seems Like Yesterday

I’m so full
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Feeling rather nostalgic today, and wanted to post a little bit about the past 11 months and how that have flown by. This picture was taken about 10 months ago, when Kai was just 4 weeks old. Hard to believe he has turned into such a rockstar, so quick.

Becoming a parent has been the most difficult and rewarding thing I have ever done yet (and probably will ever do). Aya and I know we are still rather young, and there is a lot we need to learn yet, but getting to where we are now, would have been impossible had it not been for everyones loving assistance.

Honestly I think we have bought 3 pieces of clothing for Kai, and yet we have more clothes than we know what to do with. Presents and toys are one thing, but kind words and strong friendships is another thing entirely. These are the real gifts that we have received, so for all that was done we would like to say, “Domo Arigato Gozaimus.” As for the Kai man, he would gladly offer you some of his mashed potatoes if you were here. Continue reading