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It is that time of the year again.  You know, the one where you stick your kid’s head on the body of a digital elf and send it out for all your friends to have a good laugh over.

Yeah so I did this little disco dance class with Kai and our friends who live below us, the McNeils.  The kids really picked it up quick and well, I will just let you see for yourself.

Staring Kai-Zilla, Manny-Totoro-McNeil, and Finnegan-Blue Eyes.


Its Been Too Long

Wow, I don’t even remember the last time I posted (wait there it is right below there).  At any rate it has been a long time since there has been an update, so allow me to indulge for a little.

We have moved to NH, where I am teaching at a boarding school named Tilton School (in case you have been living under a rock) and I am loving it out here.  It is a lot of work, but life is good and I am plenty busy with the students, the family and work.  Kai is starting to speak a lot more now, and also at the same time becoming more shy to strangers.  Before he would run right up to anyone and say “HIII!” but now he is more into the shy not interested game.  I am not sure if this is because he is meeting so many new people, teachers and students, or if he is just mentally developing that idea of being shy towards new people in general.

Kai has also started his potty training.  This is a big step and he is making some great progress.  For now  it is only #1s, and that is great; #2s are a whole other ballgame.  Aya has set him up with his favorite buddies in the bathroom: A curious George doll and a Cookie Monster doll.  It has worked wonders, and just watching George sit on the little seat convinced Kai that it was the new hwat-ish.

Aya is enjoying it here as well, and making some new friends.  She is with the Kai-man all day, but it is nice because I can always meet her for lunch and even pop in and out of the house between classes: my house is 20ft from where I work.  I have just finished my JV-B Soccer season, and we ended with a nice 4-6-2 record. We easily could of had a .500 record but a couple of bounces just didn’t go our way.  At any rate it is considerably better than last year’s record: 0-13.

Last, and definitely not least of all, Kai has a big birthday coming up.  On November 18th it will be Kai-man’s 2nd B-day, so make sure to post a comment or send some love up to NH.  I am going to try and get some photos back up and going, maybe even a video, but to be honest I don’t have my nice Apple iMac any more and working with any Windows OS is just to much of a headache.  Hopefully Santa will buy me one for Christmas.

Shink Ride


Tokyo Slideshow (56 pics)

Come take a ride with me, on the shinkansen (aka the bullet train).  This is what it is like to be moving at 200mph on the ground.  For a more smooth ride let the video load up first, and/or play it twice.

Two more videos after the break.

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2 Year Anniversary

Our Family Foto

Update: Fixed the Video of Kai dancing.  Sorry about that, it accidentally got deleted.

So this past weekend we were able to get out for a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant.  This was of course in celebration of our 2 year wedding Anniversary, which was a month prior to our date out.  It took sometime to secure a babysitter, but Kai had a wonderful time, as did me and Aya.  My friends were completely surprised at how much Kai ate for dinner: 2.5 bananas, lots of grapes, some baby food and some baby snacks to boot (this is normal for Kaizilla.)

I have some pics of the night out and a couple of the Kai-man playing around with his cars aka Ba-ba’s.  Although recently he’s been saying “car” and “truck,” better than most Japanese people.

We also have this funny video of Kai doing one of his many dances.  This is from a children’s TV show, with Aya singing in the background.

Videos after the break.

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7 Days Left

Views by Month

Okay here is a little update on numbers, cause I think everyone needs to know these things.

First I have 7 days left of class:  (WOOOHHH WHOOOO!)  2 today this week, and 5 next week.

Next Kai, Aya, and I will all be returning to the United States, on August 18th, FOR GOOD.  That is right, this is our final move back home.  As you can tell from my tweets, we are in the middle of getting Aya’s green card and changing visas, etc.; do you know any one who needs a microwave?

Finally, the biggest number of them all: 10,694.  This is the amount of times, people have viewed this blog.  It is nice to to know that there are people out there reading.  It makes it all that much more fun to write.

The World Wide Wood Wedding

WWWW was probably the best wedding I have ever been to. I just wanted to say thanks to the beautiful Bride & Groom for putting it all together, and making it one of my best trips to America.

For those of you who didn’t go to the wedding, which is probably not many of you cause she was huge, it was in Davidson, N.C., on the beautiful historical campus there.

There was a brick yard, some peeps hit up and also a pretty church where the ceremony was held. But the reception was probably the best part of the wedding, when first Connor gave the best speech of his life, and then George and Eileen danced to Journey bringing the whole place to a roar, when everyone flooded the dance floor.

Thanks to my man, Fotorecord, some beautiful shots were captured. I was only in the States for about 4 nights, but in that time I manged to squeeze a lot of partying in there. I am pretty sure I can count the hours of sleep on both hands, yup, 10. It was a long trip back, that is all I am going to say, but definitely worth the surprised look on George’s face when he saw me walk through the door at his Rehearsal dinner Party.

George and Steph, I hope you are enjoying your honeymoon and getting some sun. Take some pictures of P.R. and we will see you guys soon in AUG! I can not wait to get back home to see everyone again. Miss you guys, thanks again.

If you are on facebook, you should hit these pics up. Other wise, check out the dude who did the wedding. There are some nice shots there.

Hawaii Pics II

Here is the second set of Hawaii pictures, taken from the last week or so.

Enjoy the slide show (45 pics).