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Back to School: Endo Style

So today was an eventful day. Woke up early for work, took my shower, ate my blueberry muffin, kissed Aya and Kai goodbye and then headed off to work. On my way out Aya said that it was going to rain today, so I grabbed my umbrella, which turned out to be a very, very, bad decision.

Normally I would just fair the weather without the umbrella, and brave the elements without any worries. I am used to a little rain, and getting a little wet has never really bothered me. I am also a rain coat kind of guy, and until I came to Japan, I always wore one. But here, everyone uses umbrellas so I guess you could say, I wanted to fit in (and saw the obvious advantages to an umbrella vs. a raincoat in a huge downpour). Anyway enough of the tangent. Continue reading