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Short Report


Just wanted to catch you all up on a few things:

  • First we booked our tickets to Hawaii: March 14th to the 28th. Can’t wait to see some of you out there.

  • This week was kinda slow, but I have started my Japanese class. As you can tell from my bookmarks, which are always located at the bottom, right-hand side of this page, everything has been Nihongo (Japanese in Japanese) as of late.

  • It’s Friday and that means, Nippon Series: Our own Nagoya Dragons vs. Hokkiado Nippon-Ham Fighters (I couldn’t make that name up if I tried). My favorite Dragons player is FUKUDOME, cause you can yell his name at someone who doesn’t know it and it ends up sounding kinda scary. Try yelling it at someone who cuts you off on the road next time. It can be quite cathartic.

  • Maybe going to check out another festival this weekend in “Dog Mountain.” I don’t know if there will be enough time…..Okay, I’ll do one.

  • Last, but surly not the least: Kai will be celebrating his first birthday Nov. 18th. Mark your calendars and await further instructions.

Brian, I totaly stole your idea, cause it’s so money. Thanks for the help and keep blogin…I mean trucking.


Almost Finished

Kai Quaker Lake Summer 2007 137

UPDATE: We made it back, and everyone is doing well. Still doing some Jet-lag adjusting, but things are good here in Japan. Also I added a new slideshow (mostly just Kai playing out in the back yard), and finally got those pictures of Kai Standing up. Just took another couple shots today of him up and on his feet for real, which seems to be the new cool thing for babies turning 9months old. I think we are going to see babysteps within 2 weeks. I guess we just have to wait and see, but the walking is definitely going to be soon, Kai can not wait any longer.

Well, we are just about ready to get up outta here, but it has been a lot of fun seeing everyone. We only have a few days left, as we will be leaving this Saturday the 11th (come take your goodbye pictures, and kiss Kai one more time before he returns with a girlfriend and a tattoo).

There were a few things we ended up doing while we were here, in order from semi-good, to semi-ridiculous: a trip to Atlantic City (Dad only, no physical evidence of us being there recorded, a.k.a. pictures/messes), eating pulled pork sandwiches, the parties, the swims in the lake, the baptism, and Kai standing all by himself for 20 FULL SECONDS.

For a more detailed view check out the pictures.



One Year

Our Wedding

It’s hard to believe, but today is already me and Aya’s one year wedding anniversary. Time has sure gone by quick, and there has been a lot going on, “but there always is, a lot going on,” (<== I couldn’t resist the reference). Kai has been the best baby parents could ask for, and he always knows how to diffuse a stressful moment with a great big smile. Aya and I are so thankful for all of you, friends and family spread out across the globe, who have been there for us along the way. Whether it was a present, words of advice or a helping hand, we surly would not have been able to do it with out your help. A big Arigato from Japan!

Aya’s mom is going to watch Kai for the day so we can get out for a movie and a nice meal. I don’t have much time to write today, but I should be getting back to the blog soon. I have some cute new pictures of Kai from the past week so you can check back for those later.

Language Lessons

While I prepare the video of Kai crawling, I will tell you what I have been up to for the past 6 months: studying. That is right, all I do when I am at school, is study Kanji and Japanese grammar, which is a pain in the butt. Try talking backwards for a day, and you will feel me. As I have said before, Japanese is a very difficult language to learn, that is to say if you take the stand-point that you can learn by listening to everyone around you. This is good in theory, but never leads to fluency. The fact that the entire alphabet of sounds is completely foreign does not facilitate the understanding of everyday conversations. Continue reading

Kyoto Milk?

Live Geisha

This weekend was packed full of adventures for the Monticello-fam. On Friday we made our bi-monthly visit to Babies ‘R Us. While we were there we picked up some bedtime books, a few small things, and a crib protector (thing-a-ma-jig). I had to get home early so I could rest up for my trip the next day.

Saturday, I was up at 5:30am and off to Kyoto with a few of my friends here. We took the train from Nagoya Station and arrived in Nara at about 8am. Continue reading

Among other things…

…Kai has pooed lately. Actually he has been up to a lot of new activities. First and foremost, Kai can now recognize his name. This is huge, I mean let’s say you’re Kai. Suddenly you understand this sound is for you. From now on he will forever know this word to mean “I” and that is quite the accomplishment in that little noggin of his. Of course he won’t remember the transition from no-name to name, and how it changed the way he looks at the world, but it’s a good thing it happened in the Grand Scheme of things. (Sorry to get all philosophical on you there, just feeling rather enlightened today).

In case you were wondering how exactly I learned that Kai could recognize his name, Continue reading

Dad Does Judo, “Huuuyaaaa!”

Yesterday I decided to join the judo club here at my junior high school.  It was really fun, and provides and excellent way for me to get exercise.  The only drawback is that I am not in peak training condition.  It has been awhile since I have “hit the gym” so today I am feeling a little sore.   There’s some bruises starting to form, and I definitely will not be able to do it everyday (like the students at my school), but I still want to learn and will probably go once a week.

Judo basically is a Japanese martial art that uses throws, kicks, grabs and holds to beat your oppenet.  It is played on tatami mats, not your average gymnastic mats with all that give, so when you take a spill you have to make sure you throw your arm out to brace your fall.  Continue reading