Nagoya Sumo Tournament

At the End of the Tourny
This was quite the experience.  The day started off with some of the lesser known dudes fighting, then ended with a fight for the top spot of all the wrestlers, which doesn’t happen to often.

I forgot to explain the rules: Basically the first guy to step out of the ring, or touch the ground with any other part of his body than his feet loses.  Oh yeah, and no biting.

Sumo Slideshow (17 pics)

This is the opening ceremony where all the Sumo wrestlers are called by name into the ring (hand-made from clay new, for every tourney) in their formal gowns which have their sponsors written on the front.

3 videos of fights after the break.

This next video was one of the good mismatches.  This little dude kept false starting, I think on purpose, cause he was trying to intimidate the dude who was twice his size.

Here is how the whole buildup to the fight works.  They size eachother up, go in and out of the ring three times, and each time they enter they throw salt to purify the ring.  Then on the third squat down its smack down time.

And this last video is the bout for top Sumo: Yokozuna.  The guy in the brown belt was fighting for the top spot.  Check it out to see who wins.


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