The World Wide Wood Wedding

WWWW was probably the best wedding I have ever been to. I just wanted to say thanks to the beautiful Bride & Groom for putting it all together, and making it one of my best trips to America.

For those of you who didn’t go to the wedding, which is probably not many of you cause she was huge, it was in Davidson, N.C., on the beautiful historical campus there.

There was a brick yard, some peeps hit up and also a pretty church where the ceremony was held. But the reception was probably the best part of the wedding, when first Connor gave the best speech of his life, and then George and Eileen danced to Journey bringing the whole place to a roar, when everyone flooded the dance floor.

Thanks to my man, Fotorecord, some beautiful shots were captured. I was only in the States for about 4 nights, but in that time I manged to squeeze a lot of partying in there. I am pretty sure I can count the hours of sleep on both hands, yup, 10. It was a long trip back, that is all I am going to say, but definitely worth the surprised look on George’s face when he saw me walk through the door at his Rehearsal dinner Party.

George and Steph, I hope you are enjoying your honeymoon and getting some sun. Take some pictures of P.R. and we will see you guys soon in AUG! I can not wait to get back home to see everyone again. Miss you guys, thanks again.

If you are on facebook, you should hit these pics up. Other wise, check out the dude who did the wedding. There are some nice shots there.

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