Hawaii 5-0

Okay it is time for us to get up otta here, and board that flight to Honolulu.  We are doing the last minute packing, and getting everything ready for departure.  We have been looking forward to this vacation for sometime now, and it will be great to kick back and have the rents watch Kai-zilla.

I should be able to give some updates while I am embedded in the beach.  I know how much you guys love the pictures/videos so I will try to post some while we are out there.

One funny thing about our trip has to do with the time changes.  See if you can wrap your brain around this one.  We depart from Nagoya @ 8:15pm on Friday and arrive in Hawaii @ 7:15am on Friday.  The reason is because of the international date-line; I’ve always loved time travel.


2 responses to “Hawaii 5-0

  1. I’ve always loved that too, like, if I call up someone in another timezone, does that mean I’m talking to the past? Enjoy your time in Honolulu — try some spam musubi — they’re terrific!

  2. nice work, dude

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