Running Miles[tones]

Dress Up

I was looking at the Johnson & Johnson milestones chart the other day and noticed something kinda of crazy. Kai-chan still seems to be way above the pack with respect to physical development. Although speaking has been rather slow, we definitely know Kai is smart due to the sheer speed of his milestones.

Let’s take for example walking/crawling. This was the first indicator to us that Kai was rocking through the baby steps. He was about 3 months ahead of the curve when it came to walking; now we are lucky if we can catch him when he runs off in the mall. Another milestone that really stood out was reading by himself: Kai started this at about 12 months, the chart says 18 months is the average. That is almost a half a year difference there!

When it comes to eating, Kai has never shied away. The milestone chart says most babies master eating with their hands at 14 months, but I can remember Kai chowing down the cheerios by himself when we were home this summer (he was 8 months old).

But the reason why I even decided to write this post was because I saw that an ADVANCED skill for a 17 month old baby is dancing. Kai notched that on his belt last month when he was only a year old! Clearly he has been developing extremely fast, I just can’t wait for him to start calling us “Mommy” and “Daddy.” Then I will be able to say how cute it is when he climbs onto the table, throws everything off it, but remembers to say “Saaa-wee Daddy,” at the end.

I’ll leave you with a fun video I had of me and the Kai-man jamming out. Also be sure to check out the resent pictures from the past month or so. >> Slideshow

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