Back to work

Well all good things must come to an end, and so my vacation has seen it’s time. It was fun while it lasted and we had a lot time to relax and catch up on new activities around the house. Some of the most notable events that took place were Kai’s development and learning.

Now he is big on copying everything that he sees; these most recent actions have luckily been caught on video for all of you to peep. The top three that I have managed to record, as determined by the cuteness scale are:

No. 3.  Cleaning the house (*note the new haircut)
Kai Cleaning

No. 2.  A Serious Business Call
Cell Call

No. 1.  Dancing On a Sat. Night
Kai Dances

In other news, Kai’s new favorite word is, “Uhhht-Ohhh,” thanks to the skilled teachings of Fitzaka Sensei. He seems to be saying this all the time now, and it is a good word to know considering the destruction Kai is capable of. Also we are going to be playing around with the style of the blog here a little. Don’t be surprised if you show up and don’t even recognize the place. If anything seems improved or out of place, don’t be afraid to holler at me.

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