Merry Christmas

I Need A Pen

So we had a nice Christmas, and Kai made out pretty well. There were lots presents and many a video iChat had by all. The day started off with me making (sub-par) eggnog, then followed up by a trip to mass with the Hignetts.

7 gh7h7g8^.-^@¥90-ijd

(Kai got a hold of the keyboard there. If you look closely you can see a little smile face he meant to draw; I guess he just wanted to spread his Christmas Cheer.)

Ok so after mass we had to do a little shopping for the Christmas Dinner. We bought the cranberries for the sauce and our friends brought the Brazilian Chickens. I made the stuffing, Maki made the cranberry sauce and Aya made the rest. Dinner came out great and it was nice to spend it with some of our good friends here in Nagoya.

Kai seemed to love his presents, which included a lot of clothes and books from Nanny and Poppie. Aya and I decided to get Kai the Ampan-man Rocker Paino, because Kai wants to be a rockstar of course. He started jammin’ as soon as the batteries were in the thing, and I need to get some video of this; watching Kai dance to the drum effects on the piano was just about the cutest thing yet. I did get a video of Kai playing some tunes, but he turned in to Destructor at the end, which I couldn’t help to laugh at, as I am sure you can probably see.

Also to follow up on the onsen (see previous post), I provided a walk though video of the place we stayed at. Usually the bathing areas are free to anyone who is staying at the hotel, but we were lucky enough to have a private bating area as well. Therefore I was able to do a video without some naked samurai popping outta’ the bushes.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Slideshow of the Onsen and X-mas


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