Kai’s B-Day Bash

The Cake

Well, I’ve finally found a couple of hours to sit down and explain to you all how the Birthday went. Kai had a wonderful time, and I’m pretty sure everyone else enjoyed themselves as well.

We had the party at a local restaurant called “Sato,” (ever been there) and when we first arrived we meet another little boy who was celebrating his first Birthday. Oddly enough, Kai and this baby shared the same birthday, November 18th.

Aya’s family and friends came to the party, along with some of my friends and some other mothers Aya has met at meetings along the way. One mother brought this fun-ball house, which we saw at Baby’s-R-Us the day before. Kai absolutely loved this thing; he was very into throwing the balls, and laughing about how silly it all was. We were thinking of maybe buying it for a Christmas present because it was that much fun.

During the party we preformed a very old Japanese Tradition that Aya had read about, where the child (who is celebrating his first birthday) walks across the room with mochi tided to his back. This stuff wasn’t exactly light and probably came weighing in at 10~15lbs. Kai could hold his own, but seemed to have trouble walking with it on his back.

Next we went into the meal, which included sukidashi (I think mountain potatoes?), tempura, samshimi (raw fish) and kurogoma tofu. Aya made a wonderful, baby-friendly cake, fresh with homemade pancakes, ($10!!) strawberries, and whipped yogurt for icing. It was moto bene! After that, Aya wanted to see what Kai had in mind for career decisions so we laid out some symbolic objects for Kai to choose from. There was a plane for a pilot, a pen for a poet, a spatula for a chef, a thermometer for a doctor, a microphone for a musician and a train for a train conductor (cause why not). Of course he chose the mic because he is a rockstar!

That was the birthday in a nutshell, but don’t worry if you feel liked you missed out on the fun, we will be celebrating many coming birthdays in the US of A. Thank you for the kind birthday wishes and the presents!

Kai-chan, omedeto! (congrats!)

Birthday Show (17 pics)

Miscellaneous Show (12 pics)

One response to “Kai’s B-Day Bash

  1. Kawaii!!! sugoi,

    it turned out to be a wonderful day. Kai seemed to have enjoyed it, a lot. hes a beautiful baby boy anthony, congratulations….

    take care anthony,


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