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Okay, so just a little FYI post for you all. That video window you see on the right there is called vodpod. Not really sure about the name so much, but it does make it extremely easy for me to post videos, past and present right to the main page here. So of course I will update it with all our favorite Kai-vids, but also if I find something interesting I think you all would enjoy (lying out there in the interwebs), I can throw it right up there quick.

I put up three of my most recent videos, which I am sure you have all seen before, but just in case you were wondering how it works, click on a video to see. It is really great because it won’t redirect you to a different page; you will just have a little video pop up that you can close at anytime. Go ahead, check’er out.

My vodpod homepage is amontice.vodpod.com and that will basically contain the whole library of movies I have decided to mark as interesting.

In other news, I finally got the okay from work to take off for the Hawaii break this Spring. I think we will be going from March 14th to March 28th. Who’s with us?


One response to “Vodpod

  1. I’m in, I just got my ticket. I’m be there the 13th of March to the 22nd. See you soon.

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