Fall Is Here

B-Day Bash 5

Well its been a fast couple of months and I am sorry I haven’t hollered sooner, but things have been a little hectic around the house lately. Allow me to explain why.

First and FOREMOST Kai is now a full-on walking (trouble making) baby. He started to take little wobbly steps about 2 weeks ago, and then last week he became more confident moving around like a biped. Now there is no stopping him; he can walk from one side of the apartment to the other, and is getting faster everyday. All this at only a little under 10 months! Insane I know. I have a bunch of video of him learning to walk, so you all will be able to see how fast he progressed to basically a leisurely jog across the room. I now need to edit the video and put some music to it, because this is, without a doubt, the biggest milestone we have seen yet (now…if I could only get Kai to stop running around so I can make this movie).

There are some pictures we have taken along the way as well. Nothing to crazy, just a lot of messes being made while eating really. I also went on a rafting trip a couple of weeks ago, but due to the water throwing us out of the rafts, I decided not to take many pictures of the occasion.

We had a little EEEEEE-coli scare last week, too. Kai seemed to be dropping a lot of lose buckets (if you know what I mean), so we took him to the SENSEI and asked her if everything was cool. She ran some tests and found out he had some sort of infection and need to be sure it wasn’t e-coli 0157 (err’ something) and that didn’t sound good at all. We got nervous that something dangerous could be affecting him, but it turned out that it was just some harmless infection. Long story short, he took his meds, and seems to be doing just fine now.

Finally I would like to say, “Domo Arigato Mr. Robotoe!” to everyone who sent me the kind birthday wishes. It was wonderful to hear from you all, and Aya, Kai, and I are truly lucky to have such wonderful family and friends. We took it easy for the birthday, and had a small get together on Saturday night, hitting up our favorite local restaurant. Then on Monday, Aya made me a wonderful dinner and bought me a nice chocolate cake. I am still accepting birthday gifts so don’t be shy if you want to send us a few Benji’s. I will be sure to place them towards Kai’s future schooling and most certainly not an iPhone.

The Dude Abides.


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