Crawling Update

This is what Kai looks like when he is crawling though the Internet. Watch out, he might get into your hard drive! I swear, the farther back you stand, the more it looks like him.  I could spot that cute-baby-mohawk from a mile away.
Kai in Txt

June 1st Update: Kai is on the move! Last night I witnessed a full fledged crawl: hands and legs were both moving at the same time. He successfully got himself from one side of the room to the other and did it almost entirely without resting on his stomach. It was amazing to watch him figure out the movement finally and all it took was a little incentive (his pacifier). It has been almost a week of trial and error, with the birth of many new positions, including the confidence to sit unattended. Now he can manage to do it all by himself while moving around the house with no real problems, but you should see him when he finishes. He looks like he just got done running a couple of kilometers, which is probably due to that big belly he has to tote around.

I actually got some better pictures of the little guy in the crawling position. He is so close to running all over the place, but I guess we should be happy that he hasn’t crawled yet. Once he is mobile I can kiss the freedom of leaving him alone for a few minutes, GOOD-BYE. I think we are going to invest in a nice walker, something to get him moving like he wants, but not so he can go ramming his head into every wall in our apartment. It is that or the steel cage, and I don’t want to be in the ring with Kai when he is hungry. You have no idea how strong this kid is. ====> Crawling Slideshow

Also I put up a couple of random pics from the last week or so. There are pictures of Nagoya, for those of you who haven’t been here and seen it, in all its (concrete jungle) splendor. There are notes on the pictures with links to info about Nagoya, so if you are interested in what my stomping grounds look like, check them out. Also there is a picture (yes only one) from the Dali Exhibit we checked out last weekend. Some of the paintings we saw were The Memory of the Child-Woman and Napoleon’s Nose but due to the camera rules, no snap-shots were taken.


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