Special Kai

Thinking bout Crawling

Kai has taken three huge steps recently, as he begins the second half of his first year.

To get things moving on track, he finally cut his first tooth this week. When he gives a big smile, you can see the top of his bottom front teeth popping out. This is great and all, but everyone knows how much it can hurt to have a tooth come up out of your gums: hence the constant crying and irregular sleep schedule. Ma-dukes advice was to keep the teething toys cold in the fridge, that way he can get some pain relief while he chews away at them. Thanks for the tip Mom. Now if there only was a cure for the massive energy level which keeps his body in full swing all day, we might be able to bypass all the broken things in our very near future.

This brings me to the second item on the list: Kai is about ready to get mobile, and there is no turning back. As of late, there has been a lot of rocking back and forth on all fours. He is trying to crack the crawling code, but still hasn’t quite got it yet. Usually he will get up on his hands and knees and shake around. Other times I have seen him hop off his back legs and move forward while in the crawl position. He just can’t figure out that he needs to move his arms along with his feet. Wow, and let me tell you, those feet are ready for marathon competitions. He will try to crawl so hard sometimes that he pushes his butt way up into the air, and buries his face in the ground. It is only a matter of days probably, and you all will be seeing some video of this guy on the move.

Finally, BIG NEWS, Kai has said his first word (well kinda, pretty sure he doesn’t understands it, but it has been said nonetheless). “Dada,” that magical word has somehow been spoken by Kai; actually it’s more like “dadadadadadadadadadadad” for a couple of minutes. This may sound like mindless child blabbing to you, but for Kai this is the first formation of a phonetic sound. Before this it has been screams, laughs and sobs, nothing that sounds like a word, or even a letter. He finally is starting to repeat some of the sounds he has constantly been hearing. If it’s English, Japanese, or Mandarin, that is up for the judges to decide. I am leaning towards Japanese, that way when he starts talking, he can teach me to speak as well. I could use the free lessons.


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  1. mattwestfall

    hey pal,

    i wanted to pass on a judo video:


    keep it real,

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