The Summer Awaits

On the way home

The summer dates have been nailed down, bought on paper and carved in stone. Mark your calendars for the arrival of Kai (and Aya and I, definitely second to the man) as we make land fall on July 15th via JFK. Our vacation will be extended this year (can you hear me yelling “Whooooooo” just like an Oakland whistle tip?) and we will be staying a full 4 weeks till August 11th. This give us plenty of time to do….well a whole lot of laying around and lounging with you all back home.

I can’t tell you how happy I am that this flight has been booked, FINALLY! It was hanging over my head for awhile now; and I thought it was never going to get done, but I sat down Monday night and hammered it out. I do hope you all will be around during those dates. Anyone for Saltspings? Also since I will be arriving and departing via JFK I should be able to visit with some peeps who live in that area. It’s times like these when the Beatles song Back in the U.S.S.R. runs through my head on a loop, just anticipating the trip home and not worrying much about anything else.

P.S. Today Kai is a half a year old! Kan you believe it’s here already??


One response to “The Summer Awaits

  1. Fantastic, just in time for the dudes birthday. Should we set Kai and Molly up? I’m just saying…

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