Among other things…

…Kai has pooed lately. Actually he has been up to a lot of new activities. First and foremost, Kai can now recognize his name. This is huge, I mean let’s say you’re Kai. Suddenly you understand this sound is for you. From now on he will forever know this word to mean “I” and that is quite the accomplishment in that little noggin of his. Of course he won’t remember the transition from no-name to name, and how it changed the way he looks at the world, but it’s a good thing it happened in the Grand Scheme of things. (Sorry to get all philosophical on you there, just feeling rather enlightened today).

In case you were wondering how exactly I learned that Kai could recognize his name, allow me to enlighten you with the following. If I say “bananas” he doesn’t turn around, but if I say “Kai” he will look at me. That is the official test for a baby’s name recognition, in-case you were wondering.

I forgot to tell you all last week that it was children’s day here in Japan. This family ceremony involves the traditional hanging of koinobori about a month in advance of the day (it’s kinda a big deal here), which we did.  We had some carp flags outside off our balcony, but I never took a solid picture of them so just check out those links to get an idea.   And then on the 5th of May we had a little child’s day breakfast with Kai, although he was to young to eat the sweets, it was still nice to take the pictures for memory’s sake.

Also Kai can now sit up and blance himself without the help of mom or dad and recieve and send txt messages. These are surely some big milestones, and will be logged in the milestone page. When he sat up for the first time, a couple of days ago, I nearly lost “me wits about me”: completly blown away.

And finally Kai has gained a lot of weight in the past month, probably a good couple of pounds since the last time we have weighed him. Currently he weighs 18+lbs and that is at 5 and a half months. This leads me to the last point, Kai is turning a half year old this Friday, on the 18th, so we are thinking, pinata with sushi filled in side? What, no good? I don’t know, mayyyyyybe we have to work out the kinks in that one, but at any rate wish him luck as he takes a big leap forward in age this year. Before you know it, he is gonna be philosophizin’ all up and down this piece.

All the Pics are here:
Photo Set

(iPood (thank you Angie) Originally uploaded by amontice.)


One response to “Among other things…

  1. Love the iPood T, Amontice. My boy is 2.5yrs now, and I wish I had an iPeed T for him/me back then for all the times his little hose got out of control on me. Good times. As for the name thing. It is an amazing journey watching a young one absorb his/her world and grow with it. Once they start walking and talking at about one year, they go crazy, their brains explode with all the new things they can do. So much fun to watch. But the poop, nothing ever beats the poop….

    Anyhow, nice site man, some great pics.

    adam (madmac66)

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