Rock Star*s

I just wanted to give a quick shot out to my favorite Solo-Artist, Erik Mathes. This kid can play the guitar and put his soul out there just as good as my favorite band The Black Keys, which is saying a lot. I wanted to let you all know that I lived with the soon-to-be-famous Erik Shander (which should be your Artist name duder: that or Less than Ladle). A loyal roommate of four years, and an amazing artist among other things. Check out his Songs, and you too will be calling for more. Also his music will be located there on the right in the Blogroll, as the “One Man Band”. (Personal Favorite: Toxic Kiss, but Heron is so money too, hard to decide.)

Miss ya man and thanks for the tunes.

-“A few beers, a few laughs, our “!”&#$% troubles are over.”

Update: I just remembered that not only is there a Rock Star on the horizon, but there is already the well put together, and New Orleans Famous, Groovesect. All band members are good friends, especially the very wise Mr. Nicholas Krawitz: teacher of Hold’em to many, philosopher on the chess board for me, and the piano guru for Groovesect . Check out their songs, these guys know jazz/funk. (Personal Favorite: Bad Blood)


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