Monthly Archives: April 2007

Roll Over Red Rover

Toe Touches

Yes, it’s been done, finished, completed, over, MASTERED!

Kai has rolled over. Wow you say, well let me elaborate a little on this here subject. First of all, Kai decided not to go the regular path, and roll from his stomach to his back, which is usually done at around 4 months, but rather go the more difficult route. The Kai man did the back to front roll over at only 4 and a half months, pretty good for a little guy. The usual time is about 5 months. Continue reading


Hello world!

Welcome to This is the new Kai Monticello Blog v. 2.0, I hope you all enjoy the experience. Right now I still have to check out what this site is going is capable of, ya know check out what she’s got under the hood. It’s a new fresh look, somewhat of a change but I am sure this is going to be for the best. Continue reading