Milestone: Kai Eats Rice

The Milestones have been updated.  First of all, Wednesday the 18th was his 5 month birthday, so a big shout out to Kai.  Following in the Big Boy theme, he tried his first bowl of rice cereal today and absolutely loved it.  We are hoping he will eat this more often and end up sleeping long at night.  So far, that’s a no go.  We think it is probably because he is used to waking up every three hours at night, but the good news is he doesn’t really need to feed all the time through the night.  The rice cereal really fills him up and that is the most important thing.

You should have seen him eating this stuff; he absolutely loved it.  I tried a little bit and basically it tastes like grits.  I guess if your from the south that sounds appetizing, but to me and Aya it wasn’t that great.  Kai on the other hand couldn’t get enough of it and he ate almost a full baby’s bowl worth.  So from now on we are going to be feeding him the rice ceral right before bed time, in order to ensure better sleeping hours. 

This actually wasn’t Kai’s first taste of food.  Last week we started him on a little mashed up strawberries andapples with water (not together, rather at separate times on different days).  Basically it was strawberry/apple juice that he was drinking.  He seemed to love that too, so my prediction is that he is going to have a great appetite in the coming years.  I definitely won’t have to tell him to finish his dinner, “or else you’re not getting any ice cream!”

I think after a week or so of this Kai will be growing up even faster than he is now.  I haven’t weighed him in the past couple of weeks, but last time we did he came in at 17+ pounds.  He probably is more around 18 or nineteen now.  Recently its been a lot of rolling over, and grabbing at anything in sight.  We have to watch him closely when we are eating and he is sitting on our laps.  Sometimes he gets a hold of the table mat and just yanks away.  Luckily he hasn’t ripped the tablecloth off yet, but I guess that is only a matter of time. 

Kai also loves to make funny baby sounds a lot now.  A lot of coooo’s, ahhhhh’s, and the occasional high pitched screech.  There hasn’t been any mama’s or dada’s yet, but I think that might be coming out this month.  We can only really keep our fingers crossed for that one, and I think Aya has got the advantage on me.  It’s gonna be


first, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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