At the Park

Hey just wanted to let you know that Kai’s photos from the end of March/early April have been uploaded. There is a whole set of them over on flickr, so be sure to check out how big he is getting. Or if you like it as a show, do it up. It’ don’t matta.

Not a whole lot going on over in Japan-land, just gearing up for the new school year. I recently changed schools and ended up at a new one that is really close to my house. I can actually walk there (did it yesterday and it took 25mins) but I will probably end up riding my bike to work everyday. This is a nice improvement from last year where I had to take a bus and a train to school, which ended up being a nice one hour commute. Plus now I can wake up much later, 7:30am sounds a lot better than 6:30am.

So yeah, I checked out the school, they got a nice lounge (always a plus) and I hear the
Vice-Principal lived in Brazil for some time, which will make him more easy on me (aka foreigner friendly). The VP is the guy at school who is supposed to be watching over me, I guess you could call him my boss, but I wouldn’t ever think of him that way. My last “boss” hardly even knew I was at the school, so that goes to show how much the VPs are concerned with what the “White-guy” is doing.

Side-note, I have decided to make this blog, and a wonderful blog it is, more about me and my family’s life in Japan. I think this way I can post more frequently, and with more enthusiasm. Although she will keep the name Kai, the posts won’t be solely on the little guy himself: shed a tear :*( . If anyone has problem, speak now, or forever hold your peace.

I am feeling like a renewal was in order, and definitely needed. Spring is here, and the Cherry Blossoms have shown up all over Japan. In that spirit, a fresh new Kai, and different feel to the blog was surly in order (I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley).

Anyway, that is all for now, I have to get to sleep or read my new book; whichever one comes first. Good night, or as they say in 日本 (Japan), Oyasumi!

P.S. Does that Japanese come through for you? If so, this will open up a world of possibilities for me.


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