Roll Over Red Rover

Toe Touches

Yes, it’s been done, finished, completed, over, MASTERED!

Kai has rolled over. Wow you say, well let me elaborate a little on this here subject. First of all, Kai decided not to go the regular path, and roll from his stomach to his back, which is usually done at around 4 months, but rather go the more difficult route. The Kai man did the back to front roll over at only 4 and a half months, pretty good for a little guy. The usual time is about 5 months.

What is surprising is that he hasn’t gone the easier route (stomach to back) not even once. Kai has been early on most all of the developments, except for this roll over move. I think it is partly because he doesn’t enjoy being on his stomach for extended periods of time (probably due to the massive belly Kai totes around).

Finally I have made that Milestone Chart I promised a while back on the old Kai Blog so check it and you can compare it with the normal baby chart, to get an idea of how Kai has been progressing compared to his peers.


One response to “Roll Over Red Rover

  1. saw your baby on youtube sneezing, so cute.

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